Bridging the gap between digital & offset printing

DF Pro



Digital Finisher Pro is the perfect inline finishing solution for your Meteor Digital Press. This option allows you to print and finish all your printed jobs in one pass, saving you both time and money by having professionally printed and finished products ready for delivery.

The DF Pro can reach up to 4,260 finished sheets per hour, and for any given document, up to 20 distinct
operations can be applied, all in one pass:
• horizontal and vertical cutting,
• positive and negative creasing
• horizontal and vertical perforating

The DF Pro is a compact module and both printing and finishing are monitored from a single workplace.



• Up to 4,260* A4 sheets per hour (with 3 finishing functions)
• Up to 2,280* A3 sheets per hour (with 3 finishing functions)
* Finishing speed will vary according to finishing tools and paper size used

Paper Formats & Weights

• Paper format from 105 x 148 mm up to 375 x 1200 mm (from 4.1’’x5.8’’ up to 15’’x47’’)
• Paper thickness from 70 to 350Gsm (from 20 lb bond up to 130 lb cover/ 14 pt )

Paper input

• While connected to Meteor press, the paper is feed directly right after the press
• In stand alone mode, a high capacity pneumatic feeder is provided with an air feed system.
  The paper capacity is up to 6,000 sheets (80 gsm / 22 lb bond) or 600 mm / 23’’ paper height.

Registration Table

The DF Pro has its own offset feeder table with variable air vaccum to enhance an accurate finishing


When connected to the Meteor press, the DF Pro connects with the Meteor high capacity stack; 
a top loading stacker with laser guided stack adjustment. It has a capacity of up to 6,000 sheets (80 gsm / 22 lb bond) or 600 mm / 23’’ paper height.

In standalone mode, a paper receptacle is provided to accomodate all types of finished jobs up to 1200mm long.

Standard Finishing Tools

DF Pro has two types of standard finishing tools:

On-board tools
• 2 rotary blades for horizontal cutting/trimming
• 1 blade for vertical cutting

Interchangeable tools
• 1 interchangeable tool for negative creasing (vertical)
• Up to two tools can be simultaneously loaded and are automatically detected by the equipment.
  The unused tool are stored in a parking area with free slots.

Cutting & Trimming*

2 standard rotary blades working horizontally and in the range of 3 to 30mm from each sheet edge

1 standard interchangeable tool for multiple vertical cuttings (min. 5mm between each cut)

*Max. paper thickness is 300-350 gsm depending upon substrate used


• Multiple creasing available with a mininum gap of 2mm
• Each tool includes two different creasing widths for a better fit with the various paper thicknesses 
• 3 steps of creasing strength

• 1 standard tool for a negative creasing (folding on the front side of the sheet)
• 1 optional tool for a positive creasing (folding on the back side of the sheet)


Perforating density is 11 teeth per inch (TPI). 17 and 26 TPI available as an option. 3 steps of perforating strength

• Up to 4 optional rotary blades with a mininum gap of 30 mm/1.1’’ between each blade
• Continue or discontinue perforation fully under user’s control
• Programmable by step of 1 mm / 0.04”

• 1 optional tool for multiple perforations across the entire width of the sheet
• For discontinuous perforation, optional tool for a given perforation length

Digital Pilot

• User friendly touch-screen interface (145 mm / 5.7” display)
• Pre-defined formats
• Up to 500 user templates


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