Bridging the gap between digital & offset printing




Open the doors to digital embossing and hot foil stamping with your JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL solution. 

Through a revolutionary digital process, the iFOIL eliminates the need for films, dies and makeready, allowing you to produce hot foil stamping and embossing jobs from one to thousands of sheets with both very high profitability and ease of use.

From magazine covers, books, brochures, labels, to invitations and packaging, offer new services and exceptional benefits to your customers.
Exploiting both visual and tactile excitement that the JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL brings, not only will you now be able to finally bring Hot Foil Stamping in house, but you will be able to do it with virtually no set up and high speeds but also the possibility to offer a new never before seen finish; the personalization of embossed hot foil.

Easy to use, iFOIL works in-line with the JETvarnish 3D digital spot UV coater. A software suite allows you to easily understand and modify layouts, with sizes ranging from A4 format to 520 x 1050 mm and on paper substrates ranging from 150 to 700 microns. iFOIL uses standard market foil rolls.

It is possible to make hot stamping with iFOIL from printing done on offset and digital presses including Meteor Digital Press Series.


Production Speed

Up to 1700* B2 sheet size per hour (or 25m/min)
* speed will vary according to printing parameter used


• Min: 210 x 300 mm / 8 x 11.8”
• Max: 520 x 1050 mm / 20 x 42”

Substrate Thickness

• Min: 150 gsm and not less than 150 microns/6 mil before printing & eventually lamination
• Max: 600 gsm and not less than 700 microns/24 mil before printing & lamination


Foil finishing on most matte or glossy laminated surfaces, with ou without aqueous coating, layered paper, plastic, PVC and other coated materials.
* confirm substrate/toner/metallic film compatibility with MGI


Using most* of the hot and cold foil. Optimisation system of the film consumption
* confirm substrate/toner/metallic film compatibility with MGI


• Roll size: 300 mm in maximum diameter and approximately 2000 meters of film
• Minimum width of 10 cm
• Up to 3 film rolls simultaneously

Hot Foil Stamping

On a size 520 x 740 mm, hot foil stamping surface can not exceed 515 x 680 mm


• From 6 up to 200* microns in thickness
• The surface of the metallized film may be covered with a layer of varnish
* JETvarnish 3D twin option required


Inline module that connects to all JETvarnish 3D.

Dry Air

• 6 bar / 87 PSI
• Max 20 L/min
• Outside diameter of 6mm

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