Bridging the gap between digital & offset printing

Meteor DP8700 XL+ Digital Press



The Meteor DP8700 XL+ is the latest of MGI’s line of versatile toner-based digital presses. Created for the key markets such as commercial printing, in-plants, plastic card manufacturers, book printers, photo printers, and many others, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ is faster and more precise thanks to a new thinner toner and more higher printing quality.

While it incorporates the key features that made the Meteor+ series the most versatile in the industry, including true multi-substrate capabilities for paper, plastics and envelopes, laser-safe prints, offset comparable output and no click charge, the Meteor DP8700 XL+ features a host of capabilities designed to maximize production and ease of operation. 


Print Speed Monochrome and Color

• Up to 4,260 A4/letter pages per hour
• Up to 2,280 A3 pages per hour
• Up to 1,560 330 x 600 mm pages per hour

Print Resolution

• New predefined line screens, including 3 stochastic screens and 18 traditional line sceens ranging from 130 to 270 lpi.
• High printing quality up to 3,600* dpi
* equivalent to 1200 x 1200 dpi x 8 bit


• Min: 100 x 148 mm - 3.9 x 5.8’’*
• Max: 330 x 650 mm - 13 x 25.6’’ standard**
• Max: 330 x 1,200 mm - 13 x 47’’ with option**
* from bypass
** max. paper weight 250 gsm


• Weights between 65 to 400 Gsm / 17 lb bond up to 147 lb cover / 16 pt (or 400µ ±10µ).
• Bristol, Matte Coated and Bright, Vergé®, Chromolux®, art papers, carbonless, etc.

• Ticknesses between 100* to 400µ - 4mil up to 18mil
• Print PVC**, Polyester, Polycarbonate, PET, Vinyle, Autotype, Teslin®, Yupo®, Melinex®, Agfa Synaps®, Canvas/Buckram, etc.

• Envelopes with or wothout windows, thicknesses of from 100 up to 400µ - 4mil up to 16mil
* depending upon the material melting point
** supported PVC thickness 200-400 µ

Maximum Print Area

• New extended printable width up to 323mm/12.7’’.
• Maximum printable area up to 323x1113mm/12.7x43.8’’ (with option)

Input Trays

• 2 trays
• 1,500 sheet total capacity (1,000 + 500 sheets)
• Weights from 65 up to 260 Gsm or 10 pt
• All sizes included from 140x182 mm to 330x487 mm 5.5x7.2’’ to 13x19’’ 
• Ability to link tray


• 250 sheets capacity from 65 up to 300 gsm
• Includes formats from 100x148 mm to 330x1200 mm (with option) / 3.9x5.8’’ to 13x47’’
• DL, C5 & C4 envelopes

High Capacity Pneumatic Loader

• 3,000 sheets maximum capacity
• Weights from 150 to 400 Gsm or thicknesses from 100 to 450 µ/4mil up to 18mil
• Accepts all formats ranging from 100x220 mm to 330x1200 mm/3.9x8.7’’ to 13x47’’ (with option).
• The feeder module is thermoregulated for the moisture stabilization of substrates

Offset Registration Table

• Precise registration
• (± 0,2 mm L-R and front-back, page-page ± 0,5 mm)
• Feeder table with fully motorized and automatic side lay guide
• Auto-adjusts for format width and paper skew
• Ultrasonic double sheet detection system 

High Capacity Stacker

• Top loading
• Laser guided stack adjustment
• Capacity of up to 6,000 sheets @80 Gsm/20 lb bond
• Optional envelope stacking table 


• Intel Quad Core i.5 2400, 3,1 Ghz, ITB Hard disk, DVD reader, Ethernet 10/100/1000BT, Windows 7 Pro
Languages and datastreams supported: 
• Adobe PostScript 3, PDF 1.7 and for variable datas, PPML 3.0 (certified PODi), Creo VPS and FreeForm/FreeForm 2
• Compatibility Fiery JDF 1.3

Fiery Command WorkStation 5.4

• Print queue management utilities with ondemand reprinting
Professional color managment tool:
• Profile management: CMYK (Euroscale Fogra, SWOP) and RGB (sRGB, Adobe RGB)
• ICC/ICM (ProfilMaker, ColorMatch)
• PANTONE certification with ‘‘Spot-On’’
• Built-in automatic color calibration
• Integrated automatic calibration and external calibration with Eye-One® Pro spectrodensitometer
Two different line screens within the same print job:
• One line screen for pictures
• One different line screen for text/vector graphics
• Autotrapping

Variable Data

100% compatible with variable data management solutions:
• NEWLEAF & PReS PrintSoft ,Bartender Seagull Scientific, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, PrintShop Mail, etc.
Using the following languages:
• PPML 3.0 (PODi certified)
• FreeForm and FreeForm 2
• Creo VPS

Intelligent Substrate Management

• Unlimited customizable library of paper & synthetic substrates
• Substrate specific values for optimized printing include inking transfer, engine temperature,
• Infrared preconditioning temperature
• Touch screen interface


• Extended paper length up to 1,200 mm
• Inline finishing solution DF Pro : Cut, crease and perforate
• EnvelopExpress Pro, a high capacity envelop feeder

New Duplexing Unit

Auto duplex from 2 trays, bypass and offset feeder for substrates up to 300 gsm / 136 lb bristol and up to 330 x 487 mm / 13x19’’


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